What is Neutral Evaluation?

A procedure in which a third-party neutral provides an assessment of the positions of the parties. In a neutral evaluation process, lawyers and/or parties present summaries of the facts, evidence and legal principles applicable to their cases to a single neutral or a panel of neutral evaluators who then provide (s) an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and potential value of the case to all sides. By agreement of the parties or by applicable law, such evaluations are usually non-binding and offered to facilitate settlement.

AMP Neutral Evaluator



1) Name :

Dhirendra S. Parikh

2) Professional Qualifications :

B.Com, LLB

3) Summary of your profile :

Shri Dhirendra S. Parikh is a Senior Advocate practising in Civil Law in the High Court and Bombay City Civil Court at Bombay, since the last 68 years.

In the course of his practice, he has dealt with a large number of matters involving the Laws of Contracts and Torts, Law of Damages, Property Law , Law of Ownership Flats and Apartments, Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Succession and Inheritance, Hindu Law, Matrimonial Laws, Family Law, Service Law, etc.

He has conducted a large number of trials, and has developed his own way of non-aggressive cross-examination of witnesses.

He is interested in independent evaluation of the merits or demerits of litigating parties, as an integral part of the process of mediation.

4) Practice Location :

Mumbai (City Civil Court and Bombay High Court)

6) Training in Mediation:

Mediation and Advanced Mediation Course by the Bombay High Court.

Faculty member at the Bombay University for the post graduate certificate course in Alternative Dispute Resolution conducted jointly by the Hon’ble Bombay High Court and Bombay University.

7) Languages Spoken :

English, Gujurati, Hindi, Marathi