What is AMP?

The Association of Mediation Practitioners (AMP) is a body incorporated for promotion of Mediation and Conciliation as a Dispute Resolution process. AMP is a body of mediators, professionally qualified and experienced as also multi-lingual, who have come together to render services as ‘Mediator’ to facilitate a dialogue and consequently attempt a settlement between parties either prior to commencement of court proceedings or even thereafter.

AMP is founded by senior legal practitioners all of whom are trained mediators. The requirement to form AMP arose when its Founding Members realized the crucial need for a collective body of practitioners willing to render professional, institutionalized services as mediators to facilitate efficient resolution of disputes, using the universally proven collaborative skills and techniques.

With support and guidance from all stakeholders, AMP aspires to be one of the leading mediation institutions in India to be offering a structured and administered approach to the process of mediation. The AMP Rules of Mediation 2017 as adopted by AMP are of international standards yet tailored to meet with the current needs of our country keeping in mind the cultural and geographical diversity.

Whilst you may already be aware about the process of mediation, AMP has decided to leave with you its thoughts on ‘mediation’ as also endeavor to prima facie convince you that AMP is indeed the right institution to be associated with:

Mediation is the process of building a dialogue between disputing parties and guiding it towards a resolution of their disputes. Often, disputes reach courts when there is a breakdown of all channels through which there can be a resolution. People then want their legal right declared, and on the basis of the same, they seek resolution of a dispute.

AMP believes that mediation is very much the answer to evolving disputes. That is also where the role of AMP comes in. There are unlimited areas where mediation can be included as a part of a dispute resolution mechanism to prevent dispute conflagration resulting in excessive litigation.

We are proud that we live in a democracy. One of the fundamental needs for a democracy to succeed is the acceptance and recognition that different parties have equally the right to be respected, the right to be acknowledged and the right to be accommodated. As of now, most parties feel that these rights are only recognized in Courts. But if we could provide the same respect and accommodation of rights via a mutually acceptable settlement, then the relationship and the rights of the parties are doubly ensured to succeed. AMP endeavours this.

Successful resolution of a dispute lies in simply creating the willingness on the part of disputants to do what Theyhave previously been unable to do without assistance: sit down together, listen and explore options in andenvironment that permits the cognitive process an opportunity to operate. AMP endeavours this.


Conflict emerges when disagreements, differences, annoyances, competitions, or inequities threaten something important. Mediation is a process for resolving such conflicts /disputes in which another neutral , unbiased person helps the parties negotiate a settlement to the satisfaction of the parties.

Early Neutral Evaluation

In order to avoid litigation and/or to minimise the litigation, disputing parties can approach a 'Neutral Evaluator' to seek clarity on the strengths and weaknesses of their conflicts

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